Associated Members of the BRICS Law Institute


At the second stage of the establishment of the Institute, in accordance with the Initiative on the establishment of the Alliance of law universities 15 October 2015,  the establishment of the Institute was supported by the following authoritative scientific schools and law universities:

  • Moscow State Law University (Russia);
  • India law institute;
  • Amity University (India);
  • East China University of Political Science and Law;
  • University of Cape Town (Cape Town, Republic of South Africa).


The establishment of the Institute and the Alliance of law universities was appreciated and supported by the following organizations:

  • Brazilian Bar Association;
  • Association of Lawyers of Russia;
  • Bar Association of India;
  • China Law Society;
  • Law Society of South Africa;
  • Bureau of International Cooperation of the Supreme People's Procuratorate of the PRC;
  • Shanghai Law Society;
  • Arbitration Foundation of South Africa;
  • Yunnan University;
  • Beijing Law Society;
  • Chongqing Law Society;
  • Guangxi Law Society;
  • Yunan Law Society;
  • Africa ADR;
  • Shanghai International Arbitration Center;
  • Association of Arbitrators (South Africa);
  • Grandall Law Firm;
  • Shanghai Junyue Law Firm;
  • Liaoning University.